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In the plight of the #feesmustfall protests that has brought universities in the country to a standstill, the Metro has shown its commitment in educating its young people through the Mayoral Bursary Fund

Third year BCom Accounting student at the University of Fort Hare, Lwazi Mrhangula said the bursary fund has changed his life.

Mrhangula was one of 35 students who gathered at the City Hall for the Mayoral Bursary Fund certificate handover on Thursday 28 January.

“I would like to thank BCMM today they have changed my life without this help I don’t know where I would be or what the future would be for me. I hope someday I will be able to contribute back and be witness that BCMM does care for its people,” said Mrhangula.

An amount of R1.2 million has been allocated to the fund to help learners who come from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. The fund covers tuition fees, stationary, prescribed textbooks, accommodation and meals.

The fund is aimed at helping learners who are interested in studying in scarce skills fields such as Science, Engineering, Accounting, Agriculture and Information Technology.

The selection process strictly look at students who are bona fide residents of Buffalo City who are between the ages of 14 and 35 years and have at least D in English and C in Mathematics and Science.

Speaking at the event Executive Mayor Alfred Mtsi said, “We encourage our children to study in these scarce skills fields so as to help develop the Metro’s economy. I am very proud of them as children nowadays do not even want to go to school. It gives us pleasure to see children who work hard and show hunger for education.”...[read more]

12:49 03 Mar 2016



An amount of R3million has been allocated for the upgrading of Traffic Calming Measures of the Metro to help decrease traffic congestion as well high accidents.

Humps were built for the dangerous crossing on the Qumza Highway road in Mdantsane, the 50 meters stretch has become the most deadly in the suburb.

According to a Municipal Report, the long stretch takes place fortnightly and at least one life is lost a month. Four speed humps have been built to help decrease accidents as well as measure to reduce speed which allows for pedestrian crossing for passengers.

Traffic lights have been installed in the busy Buffalo Street. “Buffalo Street Traffic Lights were installed to provide free flow due to the new Gillwell Mall and also to remove the congestion at Buffalo and Caxton Street intersection,” reads a Municipal Report.

Resident Tandikaya Koyana said, “Although the road was deadly robots were not the solution as they could be vandalised or used for illegal electricity connections. Vehicles at intersections across the street struggle to enter because vehicles are always travelling at a high speed which is why I believe we need more speed bumps to continuously keep traffic calm.”

Speaking on behalf of his Ward Councillor Simon Maphuka said, “I have been pleading with Buffalo City since the year 2000, I am glad something has finally been done.”

“The areas that we are looking at now are the new roads that are being surfaced under the Mdantsane Project especially near schools as taxis tend to speed, hence our target is to put measures before accidents happen,” reads a Municipal Report...[read more]

12:47 03 Mar 2016



Splish splash! That is the sound of water at the Joan Harrison Swimming Pools for the past week for a group of 30 youngsters from Duncan Village.

The group is part of the Duncan Village Isibindi Child and Youth Care and Safe Park project which is a programme between the Metro and  its sister city the City of Leiden.

The swimming programme kicked off on Monday 25 January and will end on Sunday

The programme comprises of nine swimming lessons where the kids were introduced to being in the water, getting in and out of the water, floating, being underwater and the basic swimming strokes. They were also assessed on discipline, participation, curiosity, concentrations, respect and working with others swimmers.

According to a Municipal Report the Water Safety Project is being funded by the Leiden Stitchting Stedenband who contributed towards the establishment of the Duncan Village Isibindi and Safe Park programme. “The current Water Safety project includes activities ranging from basic water safety skills and basic swimming lessons which are provided by the Dutch foreign national sports coach.”

Speaking at the certificate hand over Executive Mayor Alfred Mtsi praised Maarten Weeda, who is the swimming coach, and said “I must command the coach for his interest and passion but importantly for bringing skills to better our young people.”

Mtsi said that a programme like this would one day help the City produce a world its own champion.

Even though the programme is not one of the formal twinning programmes with the City of Leiden, Mtsi said the results of programme have the ingredients to look at a long term project.

“I must admit the results of the two weeks programme definitely have the ingredients for a long term sustainable program perhaps not only for the Isibindi Child and Youth Centre but for all children in the Metro,” said Mtsi...[read more]

12:38 03 Mar 2016



BCMM Executive Mayor Alfred Mtsi together with Chippa United Football Club visited Sakhuluntu Child and Youth Centre on Friday 22 January in Duncan Village where they donated R25 000 and promised a temporary structure for the kids. The team also contributed an amount of R40 000 to four soccer clubs in Phakamisa near King William’s Town.

The centre which operates from a shack was initiated by Thembekile Havi who has a passion for working with young people.

The visit to the centre follows the request for help that was made by Havi last year to Eastern Cape Premier Phumulo Masualle and his executive when they visited Duncan Village during an outreach project.

During the premier’s visit, he poured out his heart about his passion for young people and what he needed to make a difference in the life of the kids from Duncan Village.

Havi runs after-school programmes at the centre with the goal of shaping young minds through arts, sports and culture.

Expressing his gratitude about the donated fund Havi said, “I would like to thank everyone who supported my dream, the money will buy food for our feeding scheme and also buy school uniforms and shoes.”

“I don’t want young people to go through what I went through, this is my passion. What I’m doing here keeps children away from crime, alcohol and drugs abuse,” he said.

The community had asked the mayor to include a sports field in the community’s upcoming development budget.

Speaking at the event, Mtsi said, “We are happy to see such a young man who is passionate about making a change in our Metro, we really appreciate and urge young people to learn from this.”...[read more]

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