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Two brand new graders were purchased by Buffalo City Metro to maintain its priory in delivering proper services to the community it serves.The graders were handed over to the Mdantsane Roads Department on Thursday 18 February to help make the job easier and faster.In the past the Metro only hired the machines from service providers and that was costing the institution dearly.

During the IDP roadshows last year the upgrading of suburbia roads and the maintenance of rural roads were amongst the top issues the community were complaining about.

The machines will help with the construction of roads, attend to emergency request from ward councillors, maintain rural roads and also attend to roads after heavy rains.Speaking at the event Executive Mayor Alfred Mtsi said, “The purpose of purchasing these graders is to maintain, and where necessary to re-gravel our roads in both midlands and coastal areas. Most of the current plants are old and often brake down and are expensive to fix at times, however we believe maintenance is a big challenge but we are trying.”

“Two graders are not enough, but it is a positive start to plan for more. Investment in infrastructure remains a priority, it is the foundation for the economic growth of our Metro,” adds Mtsi.

Speaking about the background of the project Acting Head of Department (HOD) at Roads Luyanda Mbula said, “Today we are here to introduce and welcome our new addition to our fleet. For the last three or four years we have noticed that the City has been spending a lot of money on hiring of the plant to assist municipality.”

“If you look at our Metro in the last two or three years, it has expanded in terms of addition of villages from Great Kei and Ngqushwa and other surrounding villages. These two graders are going to assist us in terms of maintenance, rehabilitation and the upgrade of our road network.”...[read more]

13:11 03 Mar 2016



BCMM handed over R1.3 million in grants to 93 non -political and non- profit organisations to assist and enhance growth of community development.

The hand over follows a visit that was conducted last year by BCMM officials to several organisations who applied for support in the Metro to verify and identify where there is need for development in their organisations.

Beneficiaries were selected from various organisations across the Metro that are responsibilities for child and youth centres, HIV/Aids centres, disabled and old age centres, support groups, training centres, alcohol and drug Centre.

The NGOs were allocated between R10 000 and R30 000 which was subject to urgent different needs of the organisation. In the past years the NGOs were granted minimal amount of four thousand rand.

Speaking at the event BCMM Executive Mayor Alfred Mtsi said, “I would like to thank each and every organisation that applied for a grant, it takes a willing and good heart to do what you are doing by doing this you are working with the government to improve our community. To those who did not receive in this financial year must apply again in the next financial year.”

Adding to that Ward Councillor Monwabisi Mahodi said, “The allocation of the grant has adopted a more developmental approach so we want the allocations to make a significant difference to the organisations and that the allocation will be rotational.”

Zoliswa Stemele, who is one of the beneficiaries, from Ducking Ducks Day Care Centre in Sweetwaters said, “Our day care consists of 122 kids, from toddlers to five year olds. We’re really feeling so blessed today. God has heard our cries. We will make sure we spend this money wisely.”...[read more]

13:02 03 Mar 2016



Newly launched Buffalo City automotive incubator will not only develop the economy in Mdantsane but will contribute to the resolute transformation of the economic landscape of the Metro.

The automotive incubator officially opened for business on Tuesday, 10 February in Fort Jackson. This incubator will facilitate in the development of township revitalisation.

Over 40 people will receive training and skills that are pertinent to servicing the automotive aftermarket and 51 temporary jobs and 30 permeant jobs are expected to be created over a period of three years.

The programme was made possible by the partnership between the Metro and the Eastern Cape Development Corporation (ECDC), as well as the Department of Economic Development, Environmental Affairs & Tourism (DEDEAT) and the Automotive Industry Development Centre (AIDC). 

Speaking at the launch, Executive Mayor Alfred Mtsi said, “Small businesses stimulate private ownership and entrepreneurship skills, which are necessary to create innovative solutions that bring forth better products and services that improve the lives of citizens.”

The incubator will be a hub for automotive glass, battery, tyre sales and repairs, partnering with various automotive brands.

There are currently four business that have been created through the virtual incubation centre the first being a tyre fitment and replacement centre, a windscreen fitment and replacement centre, a battery and replacement centre and a kiosk. 

One of the incubatees Yiliwe Ntanjana who owns a kiosk called the Refresh Station said, “I am proud to be the first lady being a part of the incubator. I opened up my cafeteria in 2006 with no funding and I have struggled to get bank loans to help with my business.”...[read more]

12:57 03 Mar 2016



The City met with various stakeholders to launch the Civic Education programme with over 100 members filling up the East London City Hall on Tuesday 23 February.

The programme is set as a provision of information and learning experiences to equip and empower citizens to participate in democratic processes as well as maintain and strengthen democracy with people.

Giving an overview of the purpose of the launch Speaker of Council Luleka Simon-Ndzele said, “The launch is a platform to empower communities with knowledge so that they can effectively participate in governance.”

The programme kicked off at 10am at the East London City Hall under the theme A Vehicle to strengthen people’s democracy.

Among the stakeholders present at the launch include the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), traditional leaders, civic societies, the youth and media.

Speaking about IEC readiness of the commission Theo Zola representative from IEC said, “The IEC is ready for the 2016 local government elections and wants the City to help with electoral education to young and older people of our community.”

Adding to that Simon-Ndzele said, “Another objective of this programme is to instil dignity and morals of the community and renew partnerships with communities and work together to strengthen democracy and also inform the youth on the importance of elections and voting during elections.”

Presenting the historical role of the civic society and its importance Deputy executive Mayor Xola Pakati said, “It is an enabler for communities to take decisions on their own on how to make decisions and help them spread the word on how to build a better society.”...[read more]

12:52 03 Mar 2016


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SOWA - Ward 33

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SOWA - Ward 26

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BCMM TROIKA Media Briefing

BCMM TROIKA Media Briefing

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