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Business Hub opened to revitalise township economy

Newly launched Buffalo City automotive incubator will not only develop the economy in Mdantsane but will contribute to the resolute transformation of the economic landscape of the Metro.

The automotive incubator officially opened for business on Tuesday, 10 February in Fort Jackson. This incubator will facilitate in the development of township revitalisation.

Over 40 people will receive training and skills that are pertinent to servicing the automotive aftermarket and 51 temporary jobs and 30 permeant jobs are expected to be created over a period of three years.

The programme was made possible by the partnership between the Metro and the Eastern Cape Development Corporation (ECDC), as well as the Department of Economic Development, Environmental Affairs & Tourism (DEDEAT) and the Automotive Industry Development Centre (AIDC). 

Speaking at the launch, Executive Mayor Alfred Mtsi said, “Small businesses stimulate private ownership and entrepreneurship skills, which are necessary to create innovative solutions that bring forth better products and services that improve the lives of citizens.”

The incubator will be a hub for automotive glass, battery, tyre sales and repairs, partnering with various automotive brands.

There are currently four business that have been created through the virtual incubation centre the first being a tyre fitment and replacement centre, a windscreen fitment and replacement centre, a battery and replacement centre and a kiosk. 

One of the incubatees Yiliwe Ntanjana who owns a kiosk called the Refresh Station said, “I am proud to be the first lady being a part of the incubator. I opened up my cafeteria in 2006 with no funding and I have struggled to get bank loans to help with my business.”

“My business will receive much needed traffic as a lot of taxi drivers and workers from the nearby prison will use the incubator frequently. The cafeteria has enabled me to empower young people by providing them with employment,” adds Ntanjana.

Adding to that Khayalethu Mbete who is one of the entrepreneurs and a mechanical engineer from Mdantsane said in his tyre and wheel replacement centre he plans to transfer the skills he has received to empower the unemployed youth of Mdantsane. 

Culminating the day Deputy Executive Mayor Xola Pakati said, “As you have been given this opportunity you need to grab it with both hands and make sure you excel in it.”

He added that the incubator programme is part of the revitalization of township economy. “We all know that entrepreneurship and innovation play are a critical ingredient in growing the economy of any city.”


12:57 03 Mar 2016


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