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Bright future for youth of the Metro

In the plight of the #feesmustfall protests that has brought universities in the country to a standstill, the Metro has shown its commitment in educating its young people through the Mayoral Bursary Fund

Third year BCom Accounting student at the University of Fort Hare, Lwazi Mrhangula said the bursary fund has changed his life.

Mrhangula was one of 35 students who gathered at the City Hall for the Mayoral Bursary Fund certificate handover on Thursday 28 January.

“I would like to thank BCMM today they have changed my life without this help I don’t know where I would be or what the future would be for me. I hope someday I will be able to contribute back and be witness that BCMM does care for its people,” said Mrhangula.

An amount of R1.2 million has been allocated to the fund to help learners who come from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. The fund covers tuition fees, stationary, prescribed textbooks, accommodation and meals.

The fund is aimed at helping learners who are interested in studying in scarce skills fields such as Science, Engineering, Accounting, Agriculture and Information Technology.

The selection process strictly look at students who are bona fide residents of Buffalo City who are between the ages of 14 and 35 years and have at least D in English and C in Mathematics and Science.

Speaking at the event Executive Mayor Alfred Mtsi said, “We encourage our children to study in these scarce skills fields so as to help develop the Metro’s economy. I am very proud of them as children nowadays do not even want to go to school. It gives us pleasure to see children who work hard and show hunger for education.”

Mtsi also encouraged the youngsters to motivate their peers to also study. “BCMM believes that investing in the future is important and that is exactly what we are doing with these children, go out there and make us proud.”

He added that the City will benefit from them as the bursaries are for scare skills and the Metro plans to absorb them in their system so that they can give back to the community as well as the economy.

Portfolio Head for Special Programmes Unit Ayanda Peter said, “Every year it gives me great pleasure to share this moment with all these children along with their parents. BCMM is determined to give back to the previously disadvantaged. These children are the future Presidents of this country and we are proud to make their dreams come true.”

Expressing her gratitude, one of the beneficiaries Thulisa Matyayisi who will be studying towards Bachelor of Development Studies at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, she is also the only girl beneficiary for this year chosen said, “Today I want to express my gratitude to BCMM for this opportunity to fulfil my dreams. I intend to grasp and come and plough back to this beautiful Metro to help with its growth.”

Speaking on behalf of the parents Nobonke Charles said, “My heart is filled with so much gratitude today, my husband and I were dependent on our grant, we are so grateful to BCMM we did not know how she would go to school.”


12:49 03 Mar 2016


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